Class Five 2020-21

Caribbean Food Tasting

Class 5: 2020-21 As part of our St. Lucia topic, Class 5 had the opportunity to try some different foods that grow in the Caribbean. Everyone went out of their comfort zone and tried something new - even some really hot chillis! We were very proud of them all! Here is a collection of photos and videos of some of the children’s reactions!

Holes (by Louis Sachar) Chapter 50 - FINAL CHAPTER

Here's the FINAL CHAPTER of Holes! There are no questions to answer for this chapter - just enjoy the end of the story. You'll need to make sure you've listened to this chapter before completing the activities for Week 5 - English 3. Don't forget to share your thoughts and reactions on the Class blog!

Holes (by Louis Sachar) - Chapter 49

Here's your second chapter with questions for this week. This is the penultimate (second to last) chapter of our class book. There are 5 FINAL questions for you to answer. I will be uploading the last chapter of our Holes class story ready for your English lesson on Wednesday morning!

Holes (by Louis Sachar) - Chapter 48

We are now into our FINAL week of our Holes class book. Here's your first chapter with questions for this week. There are 5 questions to answer for this chapter.

Holes (by Louis Sachar) - Chapter 47

Here is your bonus chapter for this week! Like usual, there are no questions to answer for this extra chapter. Next week, I will be uploading the final 3 chapters of this story so make sure you keep a watch out for that!

Holes (by Louis Sachar) - Chapter 46

Here is your second chapter for this week. For this chapter, there are 8 questions for you to have a go at answering. Chapter 47 will follow sometime mid-week - so look out!

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